Library Policies

Circulation Policies

Borrowing Items

For most materials, you may borrow up to 999 physical items at a time for a 3 week period

Your library card also gives you access to streaming and downloadable items, which you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Visit Allegheny County's eLibrary for online resources.

A few item types have specific limits.

Chromebooks and hotspots: Chromebooks and hotspots have a 1 week loan period. Chromebooks and hotspots are not renewable. Click here to read our Chromebook and hotspot use policy.

Renewing Items

Most items may be renewed, as needed, as long as no one is waiting for that item (someone has placed a hold on that item). Items will automatically renew if they are eligible for renewal. Items will automatically renew twice if eligible.

Ways to renew materials:

  • Online through My Account in the library catalog
  • Through the automated telephone renewal service: 412-622-1895
  • By calling or visiting any Allegheny County library during business hours

Renewal limits:

  • Interlibrary Loans (items borrowed from outside the county libraries) may be renewed once only.
  • Chromebooks and hotspots may not be renewed.

Returning Items

Items may be returned to any public library (not school or university libraries) within Allegheny County and will be checked in from your account on the day received. Items returned to book drops will be checked in the day received. Items returned to outdoor book drops after the Library is closed will be back-dated to the previous day’s date as long as they are in the first collection of materials prior to 8 am.

Fines & Fees

Overdue Fines

All items returned to CCM have no overdue fines.

Replacement Fees

Library materials that are lost or remain unreturned after six weeks from the due date are automatically billed to your account. You may also be charged for items that are damaged during your loan period. Bills include a $5 processing fee to cover re-cataloging, processing, labels, barcodes, etc.

If you find a lost item within 6 months of paying for it, you may be entitled to a refund.

CCM may accept replacement items in lieu of a bill. Replacement items must be approved by a CCM staff member. Replacement items must be new and in good condition.

New Library Cards

You can obtain a library card by registering in person or online.

To obtain a library card in person, stop by any Allegheny County library and register by presenting an accepted form of photo ID. If your photo ID does not include your address or contact information, we will ask you to provide that information at that time.

Self Registration

Adults 18 and over can register for a library card online and receive full borrowing privileges for print and electronic materials. Once you successfully validate your information through the online system, you will receive a card number. You can convert this number to a scannable barcode using an app like Stocard.

Patrons who fail the online validation check will receive a temporary card number which can be used to place holds and access some online resources. You can validate and receive your permanent library card when you go to any Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location. Validation requires that you present photo identification. If you do not receive your permanent card within 30 days, your registration will expire.

Educator Cards

Elementary, middle or high school educators or child care providers, non-traditional educators, student teachers and other individuals who work in early childhood or daycare centers are eligible for an Educator Card.

  • Educator Cards allow you to keep your personal borrowing needs separate from the items you borrow for classroom use.
  • While you remain financially responsible for the items on this card, keeping items separate can help you if you seek reimbursement from your school or organization for lost or damaged items.

To apply for an Educator Card you will need to visit a library in person and bring with you:

  • A letter on institutional letterhead signed by the principal or director indicating your status as an employee for the current or upcoming school year or a recent pay-stub that includes your name, current address and school.
  • Current photo ID.

Animal Policy

Click here to read our complete animal policy.

Bulletin Board Policy

The bulletin board is to be used primarily for the promotion of library and literacy events and programs. Other local non-profit organizations in the Woodland Hills School District and Regent Square area may post fliers after approval by the Library Director or the Club Manager. Political endorsements, business notices, religious information and petitions of any kind may NOT be displayed.

Collection Development Policy

Click here to read our complete collection development policy.

Download a Request for Reconsideration form here.

Donation Policy

CCM accepts donations of materials in good condition. Please DO NOT leave materials that are moldy, wet, or otherwise damaged, contaminated or unusable.

Items should be boxed (not bagged or loose) and left in the front hallway of CCM Edgewood under the stairs. We cannot accept any donations at CCM Forest Hills. To receive a receipt for your donation, fill out a donation form at either circulation desk at CCM Edgewood.

We cannot accept magazines, encyclopedias, cassettes, VHS. Books and magazines may be recycled at Construction Junction.
We are happy to accept DVDs, CDs, textbooks and condensed books.

Meeting Room Policy

Click here to read our complete meeting room use policy.

For more information about CCM Edgewood's meeting rooms, visit our meeting rooms page.

Patron Behavior Policy

Click here to read our complete patron behavior policy.

Technology Policies

For more information about technology services at CCM, visit our technology page.


Click here to read our complete Internet policy.


Click here to read our complete wireless policy.

Pennsylvania Code & Regulations

Click here to read Pennsylvania's library code and regulations.

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