Library Policies

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Technology Policies

Bulletin Board Policy

The bulletin board is to be used primarily for the promotion of library and literacy events and programs. Other local non-profit organizations in the Woodland Hills School District and Regent Square area may post fliers after approval by the Library Director or the Club Manager. Political endorsements, business notices, religious information and petitions of any kind may NOT be displayed.

Donation Policy

CCM accepts donations of materials in good condition. Please DO NOT leave materials that are moldy, wet, or otherwise damaged, contaminated or unusable.

Items should be boxed (not bagged or loose) and left in the front hallway of CCM Edgewood under the stairs. We cannot accept any donations at CCM Forest Hills. To receive a receipt for your donation, fill out a donation form at either circulation desk at CCM Edgewood.

We cannot accept magazines, encyclopedias, cassettes, VHS. Books and magazines may be recycled at Construction Junction.
We are happy to accept DVDs, CDs, textbooks and condensed books.

State Library Code & Regulations

Click here to read Pennsylvania’s library code and regulations.