How does the library get its funding?

When C.C. Mellor Memorial Library went fine-free back in 2019, people were understandably puzzled.  

How will they make any money? 

The truth is, fines were never a big source of revenue for the library.  

You, on the other hand, are.  

The majority of funding for Allegheny County public libraries, including C.C. Mellor, comes from the state. In order to get that funding, libraries have to source at least one-third of their budget locally through fundraising, donations and local government. About 25 percent of our funding each year comes from donations from patrons, grants and fundraising events, so you can see how important your support is to keeping us going. 

“Libraries are one of the only places that are free and accessible to every community member regardless of age, income, political affiliation or religion,” C.C. Mellor Memorial Library director Erin Pierce said. “But a solid community library is only possible with community support.” 

Each September we celebrate Love Your Library. Every donation, no matter how large or how small, will go even further this month. Thanks to the generosity of the Jack Buncher Foundation, we will receive a pro-rated portion of a $200,000 match pool to help support our general operations.  

Every dollar counts. Will you help us with a gift today? 

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