Movie Bingo

You asked, we answered! The best remedy for a wintry day is to cozy up on the couch and watch a good (or “so-bad-it’s-good”) movie.

Pick up a Bingo card at CCM-Edgewood or CCM-Forest Hills, or print at home with the pdf below. You can use the back of the card to track your viewing history.

Earn 1 raffle ticket for every square you complete, plus 1 BONUS raffle ticket for each BINGO you score. Each movie you watch can only be used for 1 square, so choose carefully!

Bring your Bingo card with you to either of our locations, and a staff member will mark off the completed squares and give you your raffle tickets. Use your tickets on 3 prizes on display at CCM-Edgewood and 1 at CCM-Forest Hills. If you fill your Bingo card before the winter is over, ask the staff for another card and start all over again.

Raffle winners will be drawn on February 1st, so make sure you bring in your card and earn your tickets before the end of the month!


Movie Recommendations

Are you stuck on one of the Bingo categories? Try one of our recommendations from the list below, or ask one of our staff members for help!