Stargazing & Myth

​​Join us at the library after hours for a dazzling presentation that is sure to leave you star-struck!

Local amateur astronomer Larry McHenry presents “StarGazing & Myth,” an introduction to the constellations and seasonal night sky mythology from around the world.

After the presentation, weather permitting, there will be an outdoor observing session with a small telescope to look for star clusters and nebulae. Adults and children are welcome!

About the Speaker

 Larry McHenry has been active in amateur astronomy for over 40 years, and is a member of the Kiski Astronomers, and the Oil Region Astronomical Society (ORAS) in Southwestern Pennsylvania. He built his own backyard observatory, lovingly named “Big Woodchuck Observatory” after the structure’s previous resident, where he conducts video astronomy imaging and enjoys sketching deep-space objects. One of Larry’s favorite astronomical activities is sharing the mythology of the night sky. 

You can learn more about Larry’s astronomical interests online at his webportal:

Check out some of his video astronomy on his YouTube channel: Stellar Journeys