Tween/Teen Programs & Events

Tween/Teen Programs & Events

Check out some of our events and programs geared toward tweens and teens this fall at C.C. Mellor!

For a complete list of upcoming programs, visit the library events calendar.

We send out Teen Update emails around once a month. They’re full of all our upcoming program details. Email Erin Tobiasz at and we’ll get you on the list.


Tween Club

The Board Gamers

Gamers, get ready for a board game extravaganza! 

  • September: Classic Board Games (Sept. 14&28) 
  • October: Murder Mystery Games (Oct. 12&26) 
  • November: Monopoly tournament (Nov. 9&16) 
  • December: Learn to: Classic Card Games (Dec. 14&28) 


Teen Group

Dungeons and Dragons

Whether you’re new to DnD, or you’re looking for a new party to join “The Wanderers” are here for you.

Learn how to craft your own fantasy character and go on amazing quests across the vast expanses of the imagination! “The Wanderers” will be using 5e edition of Dungeons and Dragons by Wizards of the Coast.  

For information on the 2020 Podcast Project, click here!