Teen Group

Miss seeing other people? We always welcome new friends at Teen Group!

Our program meets at the picnic table outside of our Edgewood Branch. If it rains, we will be upstairs in the 2nd floor boardroom. Masks are required.

Teen group is the time to play games, make projects, and just chill out. We’ve laughed through hectic scavenger hunts, assembled paper house models, competed in Wheel of Fortune, and more.

We also like to celebrate holidays with themed scavenger hunts! They’re always hilarious and chaotic. We meet over Zoom, Allison announces a holiday-appropriate prompt (example: Find something you could use as a leprechaun hat), you race off to retrieve items, and then, one by one, present them to the group in friendly competition. The best part is the highly creative problem solving. It’s silly, fun, and everyone is a winner! Join us – the more, the merrier!

If there’s something you’d like to do or play, feel free to introduce it to the group. We’re all very friendly!