Will you remember C.C. Mellor on Library Giving Day?

The library was closed, but there was a flurry of activity throughout C.C. Mellor’s Edgewood branch.

Moms and dads pushed furniture together and stretched blankets across the backs of chairs. Grandparents unfolded comforters and clamped them to the tops of bookshelves. Children in pajamas lined the floor with pillows then crawled on top of them, clutching stuffed animals. 

It was Blanket Fort Night! Families and friends chose their spots and constructed their hideaways, and then the lights went off. Everything grew quiet. 

Flashlights glowed from under blankets and inside tents in the first floor children’s library, upstairs in the adult fiction room, and tucked in between the non-fiction shelves. Walking past, the only sounds were snippets of the stories that grown-ups were reading aloud to the children.

“They looked up and a thousand lights were in the sky.”

“We’re going to soar about the clouds. Doesn’t that look like fun?”

“That’s quite enough excitement for one day. And magic.”

That night certainly felt like magic, and you can help make sure that it continues with your gift to C.C. Mellor on April 4 for Library Giving Day. Library Giving Day is a national day of giving to support the work of local libraries. Your donation on April 4 will go not only toward the purchase of materials but also our ability to offer special events, such as Blanket Fort Night, and regular programming that brings people together and offers them the opportunity to learn, grow and enjoy time well spent with one another.

Any gift made between now and April 4 will go toward our total Library Giving Day fundraising goal of $4,000. We thank you for all your support of your local library!