Meeting Rooms

We welcome the use of library spaces for educational, cultural, informational and leisure events and activities.  The rooms are available on equal terms to all community organizations regardless of their beliefs, philosophies or affiliations.

Book a Meeting Room

Please take a few minutes to read through our Meeting Room Use Policy before submitting your reservation request. Community organizations and groups will be scheduled as times and spaces permit on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We are unable to provide any meeting spaces at CCM Forest Hills. To book the Forest Hills Borough Building community room, contact the Forest Hills Borough.

Please contact the library with any additional questions, at 412-731-0909 or

Available meeting rooms

Board Room (CCM Edgewood)

The board room at C.C. Mellor Library- Edgewood. There is a large conference table surrounded by chairs in the center of the room.
  • Capacity: 10-15 adults
  • Contains 1 conference table and 10 chairs, access to kitchenette with refrigerator, sink, microwave and single-stall restroom
  • Private

Study Room (CCM Edgewood)

The quiet study room at C.C. Mellor Library- Edgewood. The room is lined with several wooden bookshelves. There are 2 large tables and 2 small desks with chairs.
  • Capacity: 8-10 adults
  • Contains 2 tables with 4 chairs each, 2 extra chairs, 2 armchairs
  • Public

Fiction Room (CCM Edgewood)

The fiction room at C.C. Mellor Library- Edgewood. The room is lined with bookshelves. In the middle of the room are 4 large red armchairs on a colorful rug.
  • Capacity: 20-40
  • Contains 4 armchairs
  • Public

Children’s Programming Room (CCM Edgewood)

The children's programming room at C.C. Mellor Library- Edgewood. The room contains 2 child-sized tables with chairs. The room has a space-themed poster on the wall and large inflatable planets hanging from the ceiling. There is a colorful rug to one side, and a quilt showing Mr. Rogers' sweaters hanging on the wall.
  • Capacity: 15 children
  • Contains 2 tables with 6 child-sized chairs each
  • Private

Available Equipment

All equipment must be requested in advance. There is no charge to use equipment.

  • Projector & projector screen
  • Television
  • Podium
  • Folding chairs (30)
  • Folding card tables (2)